When you are purchasing components and putting collectively a turbo technique, the blow off valve is a fairly essential component of the program. Not only does it launch all the excess strain constructed up in the intercooler piping soon after the consumption manifold closes, but a turbo BOV also results in a distinctive BOV seem, which can make your auto audio like it’s good quality tuned and exclusive. borg warner (SSQV) turbo blow off valve is a BOV every single turbo tuner should consider purchasing, as this particular BOV has a lot of positive aspects to its special construction.

In 1994, HKS introduced the 1st blow off valve, the SSQV BOV, containing the “pull” valve layout, which was as opposed to the normal “thrust” valved blow off valves turbo tuners have constantly employed. The “push” blow off valves have been the conventional type of turbo BOV utilised and they enable strain to construct up till the valve spring are not able to maintain any longer pressure, or the valve reaches its threshold, and then pushes the surplus pressure out of the valve.

HKS developed a design with the “pull” valve technique, found on the HKS SSQV BOV, which employs and alters the strain to pull open up a twin valve method. The principal valve is the smaller valve, which opens up throughout more compact strain problems. When heavier pressure circumstances are encountered, the SSQV BOV will open the greater, secondary valve, which allows all the extra force out during heavier and faster driving situations.

Having the pull valve system enables the HKS SSQV BOV to prevent leaking, even when the auto is idling or below intense conditions. This method also makes it possible for a cleaner, a lot more solid BOV sound, as it releases all the pressure with a new tuned audio, as soon as the valve is pulled open up.